Hello I’m JoJo-Bear (wavey hand or smiley face, you choose). Well my first foray into blogging hasn’t gone at all well. I’ve already managed to lose all the About me copy I wrote earlier and most frustratingly it was so beautifully written, witty and full of interesting anecdotes, that I fear my impatience won’t allow me to replicate it again here. Bah who am I kidding, it probably wasn’t that good at all. So, tip to self copy to word next time so I don’t lose it all again.

So about me, well nothing much to tell. I love my family (and I include my dog, two cats and hamster in that), have a job I enjoy and great friends, so really I shouldn’t complain. Ahh but there is one thing “city life”, that’s right, I’ve never lived in a city, unless you can count six months in a London suburb. Hence the reason for this blog, I intend to live my “city life” through the people I meet and the things I write about in my blog.

If you’d like to contribute, please get in touch. But remember this is about a girl/woman living in a city, so unless you intend to masquerade as a lady, and let’s face it I can’t really ask for proof, I won’t be able to use your post. But I’d still love everyone to comment and enjoy nevertheless!

Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog and I hope you enjoy it!!



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